One Little Word: July 


The prompt for One Little Word for July was to think about the way we talk to ourselves and the difference that positive words or phrases can make. The creative aspect of the prompt was to play with mixed media and layers and make our manifestos visible.

My manifestos

Make today count

I was listening to the Puposeful Home Podcast the other day and heard a quote that struck a chord with me. I can’t remember the exact words but the message was that your life is the sum of how you spend your days. I feel like so many days I fall asleep in exactly the same place in my life as when I woke up that morning. I might have had a great day where I saw a friend for lunch or been productive at work but the majority of the time I haven’t made progress towards my goals. I haven’t been intentional or purposeful and am instead just going through the motions. I’m not actively shaping the story I want my life to tell. To me Make Every Day Count means going to sleep a little bit closer to my best self than I did when I woke up.

Keep Moving Forward 

This manifesto is to remind myself that actually it doesn’t matter if I’m not where I want to be. That actually as long as I’m making steps toward what I want it doesn’t matter that I’m still a long way off. It’s easy to feel like a failure when you don’t see or feel results in the time frame you thought you would. But I think the most important thing especially when faced with setbacks and disappointments is to take a positive action. Even one can make a difference and over time each positive action can really create forward momentum.

One Step at a Time

While obviously keeping in theme with the one positive action at a time part of Keep Moving Forward this manifesto is also to help keep me from feeling overhwhelmed  when I look at goals that seem impossibly far away. By breaking it down into small steps seems more manageable. Even if it’s just one tiny step in a positive direction, like hanging my dressing gown on it’s hook rather than draping it over a chair or in a pile on the floor it’s still better than nothing and it’s a tiny step closer to living in a tidy home.

Start Now 

This one is pretty self explanatory. No excuses, no “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”, no passively hoping habits might develop on their own. Just start now. Take that first step, start the forward momentum and make today count before it’s gone.

My process

I’m not hugely into paints or stencils but I do love me some watercolours. I used two 4×6 watercolour paper postcards and really just played with a couple of colours to make some very simple backgrounds using blues and pinks. I stood the card with the blue background on its side so that the pink paint dripped in a couple of places. The other card I went over the top of with water so that the colours blended into a lovely pinky/violet. Once it was dry I layered yellow then orange to make some flowers.

Once my cards were completely dry I cut them into 3×3 squares and stamped my manifestos on them. I used a Jasmine Jones for Studio Calico letter stamp with black StazOn ink and charcoal Hero Arts ink. I didn’t space out my letters right on the Keep Moving Forward card but I think it still looks fine. The sun and cloud stamp on the Start Now card came from a monthly Citrus Twist 2″x3″ stamp set and just add a little bit extra to that card. 

While my cards were not as layered or as complex as Ali’s I do very much like the way they turned out and they are quite different from the kinds of papercraft  I normally do. They also obviously serve their purpose and are a great reminder of how I need to talk to myself.

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