My Scrapbooking Inspiration

Hi friends

I thought today I’d share a list of women who inspire me. Check them out and be sure to let me know who inspires you. It’s always great to find new sources of crafty goodness!

Becky Higgins – Can you deal with how amazing this woman is??! Not only has she revolutionised scrapbooking, but her brand is literally about cultivating a good life. I love how vibrant her social media presence is and how open she is around her own process. Becky and her team are so good at sharing solutions and helping people make the most of their products. You really get the sense that they care about making your life better!! I particularly love the Facebook live videos that Becky and her team create. They’re full of great tips.

Kelly Purkey – Life goals. I love the way Kelly scraps, her pages always look amazing and her photos are just so darn cool. I love the way she stamps on everything and that her style is so cohesive. Her YouTube process videos are ย great and her Instagram is filled with completely swoon worthy food and amazing travel pics. Definitely check her out.

Sarah McClellan – first can we talk about the accent. As someone who has never been to Minnesota I think her accent is so unique and cool! Sarah makes amazing pages. ย I really like her crafty style and the way she mixes different product lines. Her process videos are so good! I love to put them on when I’m crafting for inspiration.

Ali Edwards – Ali is incredible. She’s so calming, so honest and so passionate about storytelling. She’s the mastermind behind Day in the Life, Week in the Life, December Daily and One Little Word, all of which are hugely popular in the scrapbooking world. Ali offers paid classes focussing on a number of classes and projects. I’ve taken the December Daily and One Little Word classes and think they’re worth every penny. Ali also has a bunch of free content on her blog and her Craft the Story Facebook group is also a great source of inspiration.

Amy GretchanAmy’s YouTube channel is a relatively new discovery for me but is fast becoming a favourite. Amy had a very clean aesthetic which lets her amazing photos shine. She also has a very calming voice and explains her thought process well ย as she’s putting together spreads. Listening to Amy makes me think more about how I put together my spreads and group my embellishments.


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