Long weekend in Wellington

If I had a dollar for every time someone from Wellington told me that you can’t beat Wellington on a good day…

Wellington makes for a wonderful weekend trip. Especially when you sneak off on Thursday night to extend your stay.
Highlights included:

  • Navigating the hidden walkways Google Maps convinced us to take
  • All the nachos at Mama Brown
  • Noticing how different the houses in Wellington are compared to Auckland, especially all the houses precariously carved into hills
  • Dog spotting on Petone beach
  • Brunch at Ti Kouka cafe

I love Wellington in particular for two things, book shops and eateries. We visited two great second hand book shops as well as a trusted favourite, Unity Books. It’s amazing how quickly an hour passes you by when you’re immersed in row after row of potential page turners. That’s something that’s always nice about a city getaway, being able to just browse the shops. Excluding the supermarket and recently homeware stores I very rarely visit the shops and almost never at the luxuriously unhurried pace you can afford when you’re on holiday.

Our trips always involve a ton of walking, eating and catching up with friends. The one thing Wellington definitely hasn’t got going for it though is the climate. I always forget that it’s substantially colder in Wellington than it is in the winterless north and the infamous Wellington wind makes rugging up warm essential. We were lucky that although it was freezing, we had amazing sunshine on the Sunday that we took full advantage of by heading to the beach. There’s just something so perfect and cosy about winter beach walks.

I’d love to hear what some of your favourite city weekend breaks are if you’d care to share!



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