How I’m planning in 2018

Is there really anything better than a fresh new planner at the beginning of the year? The promise of fresh starts, the crisp untouched paper? Actually I’d argue that yes there is and it’s two (and a half) new planners. This might be a slight misnomer, only one of the planners I’m using is new, but the other has all new inserts which is practically the same thing.

So what am I using?


I have a Kikki-K small time planner (pocket sized) that I use as my planner in a traditional sense. I absolutely love the pocket size. It’s easy to take on the go but still big enough to hold my life on paper. One thing I will say though is that they’re definitely not as common as the personal or A5 size. Kikki K normally comes out only one small time planner each year so if you see one snap it up!

It has three sections. The first has my year at a glance (free printable) and my monthly inserts. For my monthly inserts I’m borrowing inspiration from bullet journalling and drawing my own monthly log on the left, with priorities and action boxes on the right. I loved how January turned out so I’ll definitely be doing something similar for February. The paper is the small grid from Sew Much Crafting.


The second section has weekly dated inserts from Sew Much Crafting. On the left side I keep track of one exercise, cleaning and personal grooming task per day at the top and then a running to-do list on the bottom. The right is a week on a page and I fill in events/appointments and things that have happened normally marked with a cute sticker.

The third section has things that I might want to refer to often or on the go. I’ve got my morning routine, my skincare/personal grooming routine, my cleaning schedule, a couple of wish lists and other random bits and bobs.


My second planner is my personal sized Webster’s Pages color crush planner in walnut. I’ve got 6 sections and have used some dividers from Cardboard Couture. The sections are:

  • Scraps – crafty goals, projects I’m working on etc.
  • Lists – reading logs, movies to watch, wish lists, daily challenges
  • Fashion – style mood boards and a list of the items in my seasonal capsule wardrobe
  • Finance – financial goals, a yearly expense tracker, monthly expenses etc.
  • Health/Wellbeing – weigh ins, lists of my favourite workouts, nourishing food lists
  • Gratitude and pen tests




I’m using an adorable nano traveler’s notebook from Chic Sparrow with three inserts. The first I just keep track of my water intake each day and any workouts I’ve done, the second I take notes in when I’m on the go and the third keeps a schedule of which projects I want to tackle and when. My nano comes with me everywhere.



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