{Embrace} One Little Word 2018

I thought today I’d share a little about my One Little Word and my responses to the January prompts. My One Little Word for 2018 is Embrace.

One Little Word is a project and class created by Ali Edwards. While the premise of picking an annual guiding word seems to have been long practiced as part of prayer and fellowship, Ali has made the practice extremely popular, especially in the crafting community. You can read more about Ali’s class here.

I first participated in Ali’s workshop in 2017. My word was Build. I only completed about half of the monthly prompts but still found it beneficial. Even though I wasn’t tending my word actively it still found its way into my life. Most notably we decided to buy an apartment in a building soon to be built.

This year I’d like to pay my word much more attention and complete all of the monthly prompts. More than that I want Embrace to be part of my every day outlook and decision making process. I chose Embrace because I’m the type of person who loves to plan ahead. Since I was about 15 I’ve had my 20s planned out, what I would study at university, where I would work after I graduated, when I would get married, when I would have children. This was obviously a bit naïve, especially the later two points which inevitably rely on someone else agreeing that the timing is right. More than that though my forward looking tendencies have often lead me to wishing time away. To feeling dissatisfied with life currently, in anticipation of the future. Embrace for me means embracing my life in its current season. Loving my life and myself now, as I am, enough. That doesn’t mean that I don’t strive for improvement or embrace change, more that I start from a place of contentment, gratitude and self love.

The prompt for the January class involved getting to know your word and doing some self reflection. I’ve decided to complete my One Little Word in a traveller’s notebook this year. Mine is from Freckled Fawn and I got it on a major discount at Black Friday last year. I resized some of the digital elements that are included in the class and printed them on matte presentation paper.

As well as the One Little Word prompts I wanted to include other goal setting and self reflection in the notebook as well. I started with a level ten life measurement for the beginning of the year. This was inspired by Kara at BohoBerry.


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