{Embrace} – One Little Word February

The prompt for February was to create a vision board of images that spoke to you. I did mine the traditional way, cutting images and words out of magazines with scissors and gluing them onto paper. Although I initially wanted to go out and buy new magazines, one of the things I wanted to EMBRACE this year was frugality. I already had a small pile of mostly unread hand-me-down magazines from my mum that she’d given to me over the last few months so I decided to just use those.

I tried not to think too much about the different things I picked and just cut out anything that caught my eye. I cut out a mixture of images, titles and smaller text including parts of articles that I liked. The themes that I noticed in my completed vision board are flowers, yummy looking food, moderation, and activity. I loved the way it turned out.

As well as including a photo of my vision board and the month card in my traveler’s notebook,  I also included a reflection on the prior month (two things that I’m happy about and two things that needed work) and a prompt card for an action I was going to take this month. My action for the month relates to improving how I communicate with a loved one and for their privacy I’ve blurred it out.

I really enjoyed this prompt and found it super relaxing, you can read more about my word and my January prompt here.


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